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Founder IRUL LLC, and creator of IRUL Consulting.

David holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston School of Law, and is a licensed Counselor at Law in California and Texas. He also holds a Master Certification in neurolinguistic programming from NLP-Marin.


He has studied at the Institute for the Healing of Sexual Violence and the Rapid Trauma Resolution Institute with Dr. Jon Connelly; The Monroe Institute in Virginia; Shadow Work with Cliff Berry; and Psych-K with Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams. ​ He has also studied The Work with Byron Katie; and has trained at the Deepak Chopra Center in San Diego.


In the early 1990s, he became one of the first in the world to be certified by Dawn Clark in her energy processes. He was also a licensed Christian minister before attending law school. He has also volunteered extensively with the ManKind Project, conducting and leading many trainings.


David has experienced significant personal trauma in his life, witnessing the tragic death of his six-year-old daughter, Brittany, on December 4, 1990. He has spent years recovering from that, and many of his insights are the result of his own personal experiences.


David is available for individual consulting, as well as group instruction, both in person and online.


He currently resides in West Hollywood, California.



Trance-Busters™ are trauma reset and neutralization exercises that rapidly and easily turn off the "fight or flight" reaction to highly charged emotional events (i.e. traumas) in our lives.


In David's experience, until the "fight or flight" response is turned off, most traditional interventions, such as talk therapy, medications, reenacting the experience, role playing and other interventions, are largely ineffective until the "fight or flight" response is deactivated. 


Trance-Busters™ mental exercises work simply and easily. They do no harm. They have been around for decades, originating in part in the 1970s as a “phobia cure” process developed by Bruce Hellinger, a pioneer in the development of Neuro-Linguistic programming. 


The efficacy of the Trance-Busters process in helping people recover from traumatic experiences has only recently been recognized. 


To be clear, Trance-Busters™ exercises do not completely heal the effects of traumatic experiences. They do not “erase” memories. What they do is turn off the “fight-or-flight” response that locks the memory of the events in place in the emotional (“primitive animal”) mind, making them more manageable by the cognitive (“rational”) mind. 


Essentially, they “reset” the mind to a neutral state regarding the event.  Memories of the event become more manageable when the “fight-or-flight” natural reaction to threat is turned off. The additional damage, in terms of beliefs, anger, desire for revenge, which may or may not be something someone needs or wants to address further, is not "cured" or "healed" by Trance-Busters™ processes. 


Trance-busters are not a cure-all, but a major step forward in recovery.


Rapid Trauma Resolution Training Guide


I rule myself in love, and extend my love outwards to others

IRUL stands for “I Realize Universal Love,” and extends David’s life-long efforts to identify the Principles of Universal Love, and how to apply those principles to our lives,  our personal relationships, and our actions in our communities. 

IRUL Consulting is David’s consulting practice, utilizing David’s proven method of assisting people to rapidly and effectively remove blocks from their lives, and move forward in attaining their goals. His method often incorporates the use of Trance-Busters to remove emotional blocks and identify limiting beliefs that are holding an individual back from reaching their desired goals. David’s goal is to teach his clients techniques for managing their lives that they can then use individually, and even teach to others, so that they are not dependent on his consulting going forward.


IRUL also offers workshops for groups, including “Releasing Your Lover,” designed primarily for members of the LGBTQ community, to help participants regain a better self-image, and identify and release the negative effects of prior traumatizing and repressive experiences in their lives around the nature of their love. Using Trance-Busters techniques, they directly address specific prior experiences that may be holding energy that holds them back from fully accepting their love and expressing that love to themselves and others.


David also offers “Healing Spiritual Trauma,” a workshop that trains participants in basic skills on how to use the Trance-Busters processes, and then assists them in identifying and addresses major life events, such as rape, emotional and spiritual abuse, and extreme violent events, including help for war veterans who have experienced active combat and combat-zone trauma.


IRUL is also interested in spreading the word about Trance-Busters™  through books, videos and online courses. If you are interested in helping with this effort,  contact David.