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The Trance-Busters Manual:

Special Edition

Rapid Trauma Resolution Training Guide
Learn The Trance-Busters Protocols for use in E/I-Groups
  • Tools to quickly and easily turn off the “Fight-or-Flight” response to prior traumatic events

  • An easy to follow, step-by-step recipe to reset an individual’s circuitry to their pre-trauma state

  • Ability to remove emotional blocks to living the way we want

  • Confidence to help address major traumas in people’s lives

  • Powerful new tools for your facilitator toolbox

This FREE manual from trauma release coach David Monroe gives you:

PLUS: Special access to a FREE online live training session with David to go deeper into the Trance-Busters process and learn key tips and techniques for how to use them.

"These are the single most powerful tools I have discovered in twenty years of trauma recovery work. They work simply, easily and safely. They will change your life, if you use them."

– David Monroe

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